Reelstrong Cable Installation Equipment Using Advanced Pinless Technology


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Mission Statement:

Reelstrong's objective is to make cabling safer and more efficient for utilities, contractors and the public through advanced engineering. As we rebuild a new economic era through power and telecom expansion, Reelstrong promises to boost the effort through continuously engineering designs that serve today's safety and cost-conscious managers.

Reelstrong History

In 2006, Brian F. Forde commissioned Noel C. Smith to consult with him to assess reel transport and other utility equipment and advise on the viability of starting a reel trailer company. During this time Noel witnessed the relentless struggle with re-welding, repairing and replacing reel-securing pins and experienced a dislodged reel on the highway because of a loose pin. Smith quickly surveyed numerous linemen and underground contractors and astoundingly found his accident was far from isolated. As a result, Smith came up with the idea to develop a line of trailers. Smith immediately penned a business plan to secure investors and partnered with a team of engineers to develop AutolockTM Technology that does not use reel securing pin.

Since 2006, Reelstrong trialed, scrapped and re-trialed numerous prototypes with the vision to eliminate all manual load-securing and accessory pins on all types of reel trailers. Eager to market his new technology, but constrained by the chains of a recession Smith knew he needed to take the extra time to fine-tune and develop a more comprehensive line of equipment utilizing similar reel securing technology in order to emerge as the industry leader as the economy improved.

During this time, Reelstrong partnered with a local construction company specializing in safety systems and local electrical construction companies to develop hi-tech custom accessories. According to Smith, My very first customer was a local friend who wanted to push me to new heights. Our first sale was a remote-controlled, self-propelled 10K capacity trailer, with electrical and auxiliary hydraulics. Hard lessons were quickly learned in terms of cost and maintenance prevention when adding hi-tech accessories so early on in the development process.

Reelstrong's official domestic launch took place in June 2009 at the Electric Utility Fleet Manager's Conference in Williamsburg, VA and on the worldwide stage at the 2009 ICUEE show in Louisville KY. Since then they have attended the 2010 EUFMC and OSP Expos.

Reelstrong applied for its first provisional patent on Feb. 6th of 2008 and applied for
domestic and international utility patent protection on Feb 6, 2009.

Reelstrong is an investor owned utility equipment manufacturing company who's focus on mass production and custom fabrication ensures decades of parts and product support.

Meet the Reelstrong Team

Noel C. Smith
President/Lead Inventor

Born and raised in Lancaster County, PA, Noel's 40 year blend of geographically infused work ethics, experience and unusually diverse background is the catalyst to the Reelstrong concept.

After witnessing two fatal industrial accidents and coming severely close himself in 1995, Noel has an authentic appreciation for the safety 1st mindset. Noel started his career in industrial design and millwrighting in 1992. He's D.1.1. certified and lead specialized millwrighting and fabrication teams at Cabot Supermetals and other high-tech industrial environments where safety had to come first.

Noel designed, fabricated and installed expansive line segments for Kellogg's, M&M Mars, Alcoa, Lukens Steel, Johnson Matthey, Merck, Cabot Supermetals and municipal waste water plants (accident sites have not been mentioned). His background as a millwright and a specialized fabricator complimented with an education in business development is the backbone of Reelstrong. Noel is the lead inventor of all proprietary designs.

Tom Roberts
Electric Utility Sales/Field Advisor

In Memory of

Tom Roberts

Tom Roberts was Reelstrong Utility Fleet’s national salesman from 2008 to 2015. Tom was an IBEW lineman for 40 years working for companies like Henkels & McCoy, Goldhorn Electrical Construction, The City of Rock Hill South Carolina and Amtrak. He came out of retirement to help Reelstrong get off the ground in the middle of the Great Recession. Tom was renowned for his unique salesmanship methods such as spending days on the Delaware Bay fishing for crabs, preparing them and hand-delivering to local utilities and contractors. He was even more famous for his homemade Beef Jerky that left his customers wanting more and wondering just who is this man? Tom always had a story or a joke, but was well known for his honor integrity and straightforward approach to business - what Tom said is what he meant. He was the kind of guy you would want in a foxhole with you and our customers knew it. Tom will forever live in our hearts with the fondest of memory and his legacy of honesty, immense integrity and straightforward business approach is a standard all of us at Reelstrong Utility Fleet will forever follow.

A Brief History:

Born to an electrical contractor in 1943, Tom had two lifetimes of experience in the electric power field. Following an honorable discharge from the Air Force in Biloxi MS Tom started working distribution for the city of Rock Hill South Carolina. In search of a more rugged lifestyle, he tackled the swamps of North Carolina to work transmission lines. After a tough stint in the swamps and being exposed to many custom and unique machine designs for swamp construction Tom moved to PA to be closer to his family and work the power lines of the Northeast in 1968. Soon after, he was endorsed by Amtrak as the safety training & rigging coordinator to develop educational material to teach linemen safety, CPR and troubleshooting. He then took a 5 day temporary job for Goldhorn Electrical Construction that wound up lasting 20 years and in 1976 received the Life-Savers Medal from Liberty Mutual. Tom’s focus on safety and custom machine design was an integral part of his interest in working at Reelstrong.

Seeking a new adventure Tom bought a farm in VA that needed a little work. Loving a challenge he rolled up his sleeves, fixed it up, built an airplane runway out of 10 cornrows, learned how to fly a Cessna, crashed it and survived. Laughing it off he retired his pilot aspirations and sought a safer venture when Tom Goldhorn introduced him to Reelstrong. At the time Founder Noel Smith had a prototype and a dream yet was in need for the someone with real powerline field experience since Noel came from the Mechanical Contracting and Millwrighting field. Tom’s expertise and advise was the cornerstone of Reelstrong designs and we are forever grateful to Tom.

"Tom was one of the most respected linemen in the industry and words can’t express how proud I am to say Tom Roberts and Reelstrong in the same sentence. His genuine and grass-roots approach to sales was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Tom was a true gentleman and while I can never walk in a great man’s footsteps I promise to withhold every standard that he set for Reelstrong now and forever."

Noel C. Smith
Founder Reelstrong Utility Fleet


As a proud supporter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Reelstrong donates a portion of earnings to help fight this debilitating neurological disease.


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