Reelstrong Cable Installation Equipment Using Advanced Pinless Technology


Former and present day reel trailer and pole trailer designs are notorious for lost pins that secure reel arbors and pole trailer tongues. In order for a lineman to keep working or return the trailer to base they frequently must use readily available pole-line hardware that does not use a ”lock” style nut that can and will come loose on the road creating severe liability risk see 2014 Florida Reel Trailer Fatality Report. You will need a password to view this report. Please Contact Us for access to this information.

Reelstrong offers the safety, speed and low maintenance of Pinless and Cotterless Technologies. We use no reel-securing pins to maintain, replace or overlook at such a critical safety point. With all models, one operator simply backs up to or drops the reel spindle into our unique and simple Pinless devices and safely and quickly drives away with virtually no chance of an accident, a dislodged reel or a pinch hazard. Wire lanyards and chains used to secure pins and clamp style bronze bearings are notorious for dislodging and causing safety hazards.

Our Pole Trailers use a proprietary Cotterless Securelock™ device that is virtually impossible to lose. Additionally, we offer oversized Roller systems that require No-truck to telescope and only (1) one man to retract & extend almost effortlessly. These oversized rollers also have a Lifetime Warranty


There is nothing like it on the market!

Examples of Safety Failures in Competitor Products

Missing Pin from Torn Chain

Missing Pin from Broken Chain

Loose Patended Pin

Loose Patented Pin

Unsafe Pole Line Replacement
Non-Locknut (comes loose on the road)

Unsafe Replacement Pin, nut comes loose on the road

Duct Tape

Duct Tape

Missing Safety Pins

Missing safety pins

Torn Pin Lanyard

Why Pinless?
Catastrophic Turret Failure

Missing safety pins

Broken Turret Bearing Shaft

Why Pinless?

Heavy Duty Turret Bearing On All Reel Turret Trailers (Standard)


Turret Bearing Section
250k lbs Axial and 90k ft/lbs Moment Load Sealed Thrust Bearings Lockable on 6 Deg. Intervals


Turret with Safelock™
Turret with Top Cover Removed to Reveal Turret Bearing Assembly Below

Reel Trailers Featuring Safelock™, Autolock™ & Powerlock™ Designs (Standard)


Safelock™ CL Series, Manual Load Reel Trailers, Reel Stands and Combination Pole/Material/Reel Trailers (if reel stand option is chosen). Pull the Handle and it Automatically Locks Open on an Angle. Tap Down on the Top or Rear of the Handle and Safelock ”Snaps” Back into the Safety/Transport Position.


Powerlock™ Self-Loading General Duty GR Series. Employs a Quick, Intuitive, Dual-Actuating Release Handle System. A 2-step Reel-Securing Process Means One Function Cannot be Performed Before the Other Ensuring the Operator Secures the Reel Prior to Transport with no Possibility of Losing a Reel-Securing Pin.

PT & CPT Trailers Featuring Securelock™ & EZ-Roll Systems for Increased Safety, Ease & Maintenance Free (Standard)


Medium Duty PT w/ Securelock™ & EZ-Roll Sytem
1-1/4" Securelock™ Pin Uses a 3-Position Turn-in Design to Making it Virtually Impossible to Loose Pin.


"Heavy Duty” Securelock™ w/ EZ-Roll System
EZ-Roll Tongue Extension System with Self-Lubricating Super Oilite Bearings Makes Extending/Retracting the Toungue a One Man Operation. EZ-Roll System comes with Lifetime Warranty.

LA & LA108 AcmeClamp™ Self Loading Series Trailers


LA Series AcmeClamp™ Self-Loader
The LA Series Employs Two Arborless Clamping Arms that Lower to the Reel and Clamp for the Safest, Fastest, Easiest Design in the Industry. These Trailers Provide a Low Center of Gravity to Safely Transport the Larger/Heavier Reels.


LA108 ACME-Clamp Self Propelled Puller
These Trailers Include All the Important Design Features of the LA with Increased Maneuverability of a Self-Propelled Nose Wheel and Powerfull Hydraulic Reel Drive Motors for Tough Pulling Jobs.

Any model you choose, loading and set-up speed is untouchable. On any terrain, one operator can load reels and poles safer and faster than ever before. Our PINLESS accessories expedite set-up and break-down time by eliminating loose hardware that you can be sure won't always be there when you need to stay on the move.

Our quick-engage pinless adapters drive capstans, butterflies and fiber-pulling reels for all-in-one labor busting packages that significantly speed up cable installation, boost employee morale and significantly lowers labor cost.


Due to today's laser-cutting technology our engineers and designers have improved efficiencies in structural strength, weight distribution and premature wear. If you choose not to galvanize, we aerate the tube frame to prevent moisture build-up and internal rusting of the frame.

We Galvanize or use polyurethane paints as these finishes provide extraordinary corrosion resistance in aggressive environments and ensures your fleet look great years from when you purchase. There is no argument that your trailer lives up to its name; REELSTRONG

"This is the best reel trailer I've ever used."

-Utility Fleet Manager

"Truly a superior reel trailer in every aspect. The advances in safety technology alone are worth the purchase."

-Utility Engineering Consultant



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